Gluten-Free Whipped Porridge with Whole Teff Grain

Add something new to your gluten-free diet and try the Finnish speciality whipped berry porridge (or chocolate option) made with nutritious and gluten-free Lovegrass Ethiopia whole teff grain.

Tasty Gluten-Free Spinach Pancakes With Wholegrain Teff

Ad:This post is part of my collaboration with Lovegrass Ethiopia who have gifted me some of their teff flour to experiment with. They will in turn share my content and gluten-free bread course on their page. My opinions are my own and I would use their products without the collaboration, too. I love their flour… Continue reading Tasty Gluten-Free Spinach Pancakes With Wholegrain Teff

Coping with coeliac disease – tips for living gluten-free

May is coeliac disease awareness month in the UK and I want to share my story so far. I hope this helps you to either cope with your own diagnosis or enable you to help someone else. I am not a medical professional and speak from my own experience and understanding – I hope you find this information helpful and I trust you speak to your own doctor if you want to discuss a medical diagnosis.

Things I’ve done during Covid19 lockdown

In the start of the Covid19 lockdown I wrote a post about what one might do to make it easier or more tolerable. Looking at traditional media and my social media feeds I get a feeling that we all have had trouble concentrating, focusing and have often felt that we are not making ‘good use’… Continue reading Things I’ve done during Covid19 lockdown