About Me

Hello, My name is Henna Bostrom. I am a diagnosed coeliac and a mum of a gorgeous daughter. We live on the outskirts of South East Greater London, UK, with both my daughter and husband.

I am a Finnish ex-chemical engineer turned into a gluten-free coach, making use of the fact that I have cooked and baked all my life and now as I am doing it all gluten-free I want to help others do the same.

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Helping you enjoy your gluten-free life better

I tested positive for coeliacs disease in December 2018. At that time I was experiencing massive work related stress and had been suffering from fatigue that seriously hindered both my work and private life, so finding an underlying medical condition that explained some of the symptoms really helped me to come to terms with it all. However, I had already driven myself past the point of no return and a few weeks later I had to face the fact that I was unable to work because I had burned out both physically and mentally. In the end I decided to leave the career I had only started 16 months earlier, because I wasn’t able to balance the work and family life in the way that I needed to.

I have come a long way since my coeliacs diagnosis and managed to leave burnout behind. I have learned a new way of living with better structure and the self-development work I have done has given my life more of a flowy feeling than constantly swimming counter-current. I want to share my experiences with you so we can all lead happier lives gluten-free.

My mission:

Helping people who need to be gluten-free feel better about it

Help people cook more themselves to give more flexibility

Teach you to bake gluten-free

Add joy and fun into gluten-free diet

As a coeliac I understand what it is like to have a specialty diet dropped on you without much warning and hence I want to share recipes, products and places to eat to help others come to terms with the illness and managing it with more ease.

The thing I am really passionate about is how we can all live our best lives despite the circumstances we are in, so I will share tools, strategies and practical actions that have helped me to get through the big changes and also burn-out.As these things aren’t tied to any special dietary requirements you can still find things applying to you here even if you don’t have coeliacs!

I share recipes I have tried, products I have liked and places I have eaten in also on Instagram so come and hang with me and talk about all things GF and otherwise on a daily basis – follow me on IG @GF_Lifetweaks. If you prefer Facebook you’ll find me at @GFLifetweaks.

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