Welcome to my blog on making little tweaks in our lives so that we can lead a life with more ease and fullfilment even if we have coeliacs disease or gluten-intolerance casting restrictions in our lives. All tweaks related to food and eating here are gluten-free!

Gluten-free life

Are you a coeliac or are bound to a gluten-free diet because of another medical reason or choice? If so, you have come to the right place! I have been diagnosed with coeliacs a few years back and I am strictly gluten-free. I want to help you to live a gluten-free life so that they an enjoy food and don’t feel that you are missing out. I will share recipes, tips & tricks and places to eat both around London UK and where I travel so that you can find the little tweaks you can make to lead a healthier more fulfilled life.


When someone is diagnosed with coeliacs or other medical condition going gluten-free, one soon realises that it’s not just about changing your diet. Because food is so tied to our cultures and who we are, our heads can really get into a spin when diagnosed. In my case I was diagnosed with coealics when I was experiencing a lot of stress related to a career change at the same time and I had a full-blown burnout. I want to share what I have learned both with getting diagnosed with coeliacs and healing from burnout so that I might help someone else. We will learn about ourselves, change, evolve and tweak things as we go along. I will share my finds and you can build your own set of tools that fits for you. Also we can learn together to shape our world more coeliac-friendly, I’m sure!

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