Have you got coeliac disease or gluten-intolerance and have to live gluten-free? I am coeliac and unable to eat gluten-free oats and need to avoid rice and corn, so if you are looking for peer-support and managing it all, you are in the right place! My goal is to help people living with coeliac disease or gluten-intolerance feel better about their diet.

I want to help you to learn to cook and bake gluten-free as I think that offers you way more flexibility with your diet and you get to eat the things as you like them to be and not dictated by someone else (and what you manage to get from the shops). You will find some recipes on the blog, some of which are also free of gluten-free oats, rice and corn. You can also find posts about other aspects of gluten-free living and more are on the way! I now offer you a course to help you bake your own GF bread:

My gluten-free bread baking course gives you a short-cut into the sometimes overwhelming world of home baked gluten-free bread! The course gives you the opportunity to use my baking knowledge to your advange – you can ask me questions and I will help you along wherever you get stuck and you get to bake instead of thinking to get started:

Bake a Tasty Gluten-Free Bread – course reopening soon!

On my course I share my tricks for Gluten-Free bread success to take the guess-work out of the picture and to speed up your journey to a gluten-free life that’s a slice better. The course consists of:

  • Recording of Gluten-Free Bread Zoom workshop:
    • 4 key steps to gluten-free bread success.
    • Walk-through on how to make a tasty Gluten-Free seeded bread.
    • Q&A section at the end of the session so you can clarify things then and there.

  • After the workshop we will continue in the private Facebook group:
    • Step-by-step videos of me making the bread so you can follow along.
    • Recipes for both yeasted loaf and sourdough, if you have a starter you want to use.
    • I will be in the group answering your questions, giving helpful tips and troubleshooting and doing a 30min Live Q&A session

All the details and registration can be found through this link.

I hope you join me on the course as there is nothing I enjoy more than making people on a gluten-free diet feel better about it!

Can’t wait for us to get baking!

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