Gluten-Free Whipped Porridge with Whole Teff Grain

Add something new to your gluten-free diet and try the Finnish speciality whipped berry porridge (or chocolate option) made with nutritious and gluten-free Lovegrass Ethiopia whole teff grain.

Gluten-free donuts Finnish style – no rice and corn

Even if you need to eat gluten-free having light and fluffy, lovely golden donuts are not out of your reach!
Make your own Finnish-style deep fried donuts gluten-free, without rice, corn or oats or use shop bought gluten-free flour mix if you wish!

Gluten-free Swiss roll filled with peaches and cream

Welcome to my blog ‘Making lifetweaks’. The goal of my blog is to help you manage your every day with more calm, sense of direction and breathing space, whether you are living your life with coeliacs disease, like me, or not. I wanted to start my blog with something very tangible that you can use… Continue reading Gluten-free Swiss roll filled with peaches and cream