Coping with coeliac disease – tips for living gluten-free

May is coeliac disease awareness month in the UK and I want to share my story so far. I hope this helps you to either cope with your own diagnosis or enable you to help someone else. I am not a medical professional and speak from my own experience and understanding – I hope you find this information helpful and I trust you speak to your own doctor if you want to discuss a medical diagnosis.

5 Kitchen tweaks to avoid gluten cross-contamination (crumbs!)

If you have recently been diagnosed with coeliacs disease, you might feel quite overwhelmed of all the potential hazards there are that could cause you to accidentally digest gluten. With coeliacs disease the diet is strictly no gluten and if you might get contradicting advice to the point of a frustrated meltdown, crumbs do matter.… Continue reading 5 Kitchen tweaks to avoid gluten cross-contamination (crumbs!)