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Find joy in your gluten-free diet

– Introduction to gluten-free cooking

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I want to help you get comfortable with cooking gluten-free food and managing that with everything else that life throws at us. Grab your free seat today as this is for the time being my last free webinar and let’s get cooking.

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This is me

Hi, I’m Henna – A diagnosed coeliac who wants to help you get past the overwhelm of your gluten-free diet and back to enjoying food.

To do this, I’m hosting a FREE live webinar on Zoom. You will learn:

  • Basics of cooking gluten-free food
  • Easy recipes that don’t take much time
  • How to use simple ingredients to cook tasty and varied food
  • To recognise the options available in your gluten-free diet
  • Five of my tried and tested recipes to make your life easier which I’ll give you on a PDF recipe sheet

Join me for the one hour webinar entering your details on the form you’ll find by clicking the button. I will email you with confirmation as soon as I can, so when the form has submitted you are in. Let’s get you exited about food again!

My free webinar is for you, if:

  • You (or someone near you) have been diagnosed with coeliacs disease or other gluten intolerance recently and been told by a medical professional to go GF.

  • You feel confused and restricted even after visiting a dietitian and reading all the info. Shopping seems to take ages and you are staring more of the things you can’t eat than what you can.

  • You used to enjoy food but now it’s turned into an uninspiring thing. You are scared to eat pretty much anything in case you feel ill.

  • You desperately want to not miss out and want to feel excited about food again.

  • You’d love to get out of the rut, eating the same things  over and over again just because it’s safe and convenient.

In the webinar I will give you:

Meal inspiration

Tips on how to make your gluten-free diet feel more joyous.

Trusty recipes

Five recipes that save you time and ways to switch them up for variety.

Tips on easy prep

Tried and tested hacks for cooking quicker.

Join the 1 hour live Zoom webinar where I share my favourite hacks to making more interesting gluten-free weekday meals and my five favourite easily adaptable recipes to make eating gluten-free more effortless and enjoyable

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: I really don’t have time to cook, do I have to? 

A: Cooking and planning for it can be time consuming. My aim is that with my hacks and tips you are able to add variety into your diet and save money by adding at least a little bit of home cooking into your weeks. I will focus on the webinar on quick recipes that most people will find manageable.

Q: Are your recipes vegan?

A: Even if I eat a lot of plant-based foods my diet isn’t vegan and recipes are for people with mixed diets.

Q: Are your  recipes dairy free? 

A: My recipes are in general dairy free, in the few cases where dairy is used, I offer dairy free substitutions.

Q: Are your recipes suitable for FODMAP diet?

A: My recipes are not designed for the FODMAP diet but because of the adaptability they should fit in at least in the re-introduction stage. When signing up, write in the comment box what you need to currently avoid and I can give suggestions on how to adapt the recipes to suit you or possible substitutes.

Q: Are you teaching how to eat gluten-free? 

A: As I am not a medical expert but a fellow coeliac, I will not go through the definitions of gluten-free diet for coeliacs, for it is the responsibility of each individual to understand the restrictions and limitations and adhering to them. My course is on the practical applications of eating gluten-free according to the guidelines set in the UK and will to the best of my knowledge advice on food preparation and the things one needs to check when buying and cooking gluten-free.